Buckle folders, chop folders, plow folders – we use them all to fold the wide variety of creative formats used in direct mail. We also provide in-line tipping, and in-line sealing with fugitive glue or wafer seals for the pieces we fold.

Our full line of folding services includes:

  • In-line scoring for folded self-mailers
  • In-line tip, fold and glue for gift cards, member cards, and reward cards
  • In-line inkjet addressing
  • Refolding for catalogs
  • “Iron cross” folding
  • Sealing with fugitive glue or wafer seals

JHL is a leader in polybagging services. We’ve produced more than 100 million polybagged pieces for printers, publishers, and direct marketers. We offer:

  • Two high-speed polybag processing lines
  • Up to seven insert pieces with a maximum combined thickness of 1.3 inches
  • Ability to insert unique pieces
  • Addressing with in-line inkjetting or pressure-sensitive labels
  • In-line tipping and gluing
  • USPS-approved recyclable poly film
  • Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of sizes, from small booklets to oversized publications
  • Capacity to handle jobs of all sizes – from a few thousand to 2 million-plus pieces

Inkjet imaging is a core capability. We inkjet-address millions of postcards, folded self-mailers, and envelope pieces each year. But our specialty inkjet services go far beyond basic addressing.

Two-sided match inkjet imaging
Edge imaging for books and catalogs
Inkjet imaging onto odd-shaped pieces
Inkjet imaging onto plastic substrates and coated papers
High-volume inkjet capacity for millions of pieces
Multi-location inkjet imaging on “many-up” sheets
In-line inkjet imaging with fold and glue
Matched inkjet imaging/tipping for gift cards, reward cards, and membership cards

Printing at JHL means variable-data digital printing for direct mail – whether it’s complementing your offset services with personalized direct mail or serving as a vendor to handle overflow work.

Four-color, variable-data digital printing for personalized postcards, folded self-mailers, letters, catalog covers, and more
Monochrome laser printing for letters, statements, and renewal mailings
Full-color digital envelope printing for smaller mailings and envelope personalization

Even with the best equipment, the only way to do some projects is by hand, which is why JHL offers hand-kitting services. Our niche is kitting projects that also require a logistics plan – especially postal logistics that capitalize on favorable USPS parcel shipping rates.

The combination of our hand kitting services and postal logistics service is hard to beat.

Our professionals provide essential data services for a wide range of direct mail projects.

Database consolidation and migration
Address correction services
Presort services for letters, flats, bound printed matter, marketing parcels, and more
Standard commingle services
USPS logistics planning
Variable-data programing

Copyright by JHL Digital Direct. All rights reserved.

Copyright by JHL Digital Direct. All rights reserved.