We’ve been producing direct mail appeals for educational institutions for more than 30 years. With JHL Advance we focus the knowledge we’ve gained in the area of advancement to provide insight and creativity to your direct mail appeals … ensuring they get opened, noticed, and read.

Data services to organize and segment your data
Variable data programming and printing for highly personalized appeals
Graphic design services
Printing and production services for all mail piece formats

Direct mail is a tried-and-true method to get out the vote. Each election cycle JHL produces millions of GOTV mail pieces for local, state, and national candidates.

Election mail expertise to ensure fast processing through the USPS
Production capacity for small and large mailings
Logistics services that speed mailings to voters’ mailboxes

Folded self-mailers are a “go-to” mail format for marketers because of the wide range of creative options they offer. JHL helps you put together attention-getting folded self-mailers that produce results.

Sealing with fugitive glue or wafer-seal tabs
One-sided and two-sided personalization
Folding for unique pieces like “iron-cross” mailers
Folding for attention-getting die-cut mailers
Gift card or discount card affixing

Auto dealers know the power of direct mail to drive showroom traffic. JHL has been producing auto-dealer mail pieces for more than 20 years – we have what it takes to meet the fast-paced needs of time-sensitive auto-dealer mailings.

Production services for jumbo postcards, folded flat-mail pieces, envelope packages, and folded self-mailers
Printing services for fully personalized mailers
Affixing for pull tabs, keys, casino chips and more
Logistics services that provide timely delivery across the country

70 million and counting … that’s how many membership card mail pieces we’ve produced for organizations and businesses. We have the knowledge and production services required for your membership cards, benefit cards, insurance cards and other types of mailed, personalized cards.

Data services for precise barcodes
Match-verification technology to ensure accurate card distribution
Production services for different membership card formats

The direct mail appeal letter is the fundraising backbone of nonprofit organizations. For more than 30 years we’ve worked with local, regional, and national nonprofits to produce their direct mail appeals. We understand the importance of producing your direct mail appeals efficiently, professionally, and on time.

  • Data services to ensure the right appeal reaches each person
  • Printing services for highly personalized appeals
  • Direct mail production services for a wide range of mail piece formats
  • Unique capabilities that empower you to try new appeal efforts

Buckle folders, chop folders, plow folders – we use them all to fold the wide variety of creative formats used in direct mail. We also provide in-line tipping, and in-line sealing with fugitive glue or wafer seals for the pieces we fold.

Our full line of folding services includes:

  • In-line scoring for folded self-mailers
  • In-line tip, fold and glue for gift cards, member cards, and reward cards
  • In-line inkjet addressing
  • Refolding for catalogs
  • “Iron cross” folding
  • Sealing with fugitive glue or wafer seals

When the job requires putting things on things, JHL can deliver. Examples of what we can provide:

  • Tipping for credit cards, coins, keys, pull tab cards, envelopes, brochures, product samples, and more
  • Match tipping for personalized tip-on projects
  • Dry-release card application
  • Tipping with in-line plow folding

JHL is a leader in polybagging services. We’ve produced more than 100 million polybagged pieces for printers, publishers, and direct marketers. We offer:

  • Two high-speed polybag processing lines
  • Up to seven insert pieces with a maximum combined thickness of 1.3 inches
  • Ability to insert unique pieces
  • Addressing with in-line inkjetting or pressure-sensitive labels
  • In-line tipping and gluing
  • USPS-approved recyclable poly film
  • Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of sizes, from small booklets to oversized publications
  • Capacity to handle jobs of all sizes – from a few thousand to 2 million-plus pieces

When envelope inserting is needed, our equipment can handle virtually any project.

  • A2 invitation envelopes to 9″ x 12″ envelopes
  • Clear poly envelopes and synthetic paper envelopes
  • Match inserting
  • Read-and-write inserting
  • Inserting for irregular-shaped pieces
  • High-volume inserting — up to 120,000 pieces a day

Copyright by JHL Digital Direct. All rights reserved.

Copyright by JHL Digital Direct. All rights reserved.