Inkjet Printing

When most people think about inkjet printing for direct mail they think of printing a mailing address and IMb barcode onto mail pieces, and that’s about it. Inkjet printing is much more than that at JHL Digital Direct. Our inkjet printing services were developed to accommodate the many ways inkjet personalization is used in direct mail and other forms of marketing.

It starts with basic inkjet addressing for direct mail. We do a lot of that. Millions of pieces each year – for all types of direct mail piece formats – postcards, folded self mailers, and envelopes of all sizes.

We complement our basic inkjet services with additional capabilities that marketers are looking for to enhance their marketing efforts. These include:

  • Two-sided match inkjet printing Inkjet printing
  • Edge inkjet printing for books and catalogs
  • Inkjet printing onto odd shaped pieces
  • Inkjet printing onto coated papers and plastic substrates
  • High volume inkjet capacity for millions of pieces
  • Inline inkjet printing with fold and glue
  • Matched inkjet printing/tipping for gift cards, reward cards, and membership cards

Our primary focus at JHL is direct mail, but many of the inkjet projects we do don’t go into the mail. To provide the broadest range of inkjet services for our customers we’ve assembled a collection of inkjet systems and inks that provide the flexibility we need to ensure success on any project. Of course, machines aren’t useful without skilled people to run them. Our staff is expert at determining the best process to maximize image quality at a cost effective price.

Inkjetting can be much more than simply printing an address onto a mail piece. Interested in learning more? Call 800-236-0581, or email to discuss how partnering with JHL for inkjetting services that go beyond the ordinary can help you win more business.


Marketers are constantly working on new and more complex mail pieces to win the attention of customers and prospects. After the design work is completed, the piece moves to the manufacturing phase, and that’s where JHL comes into the picture. One of the best parts of our job is working with clients to figure out how to produce the creative new mail piece they’ve designed.

Often, the challenge of a new mail piece includes putting something onto a component of the mail piece, or onto the mail piece itself. That service goes by several names – tipping, placing, affixing – but it all comes down to putting things on things, and JHL has the equipment and experience to do just that. We offer:

  • Tipping equipment for credit cards, coins, keys, CDs, envelopes, brochures and more Tipping
  • Match tipping equipment for personalized tip-on projects, such as a personalized letter with a matching membership card
  • Feeders that can handle all types of substrates
  • Fugitive glue or permanent glue
  • Placers for placing onserts onto signatures that will be bound into the finished catalog, book, or publication
  • Tipping with in-line plow folding

Once the tipping work is done, the piece may need further finishing to prepare it for mailing. JHL can complete the job by providing folding services for folded self mailers, or inserting services if the piece is going into an envelope.

Most of the tipping projects we do are for direct mail, but not all. Some projects are skid packed or carton packed and shipped for the next step in the manufacturing process.

Interested in learning more? Call 800-236-0581 or email to discuss the advantages of partnering with JHL for XXX services.


Folding is part and parcel of the direct mail manufacturing process. Unless it’s a basic flat postcard, a mail piece will require folding at some point. And if the mail piece is mailing without an envelope it will probably need to be sealed with fugitive glue or wafer tabs as well.

As a job shop for direct mail, JHL handles a wide range of projects that vary in piece size, paper stock, folding specs, and sealing requirements. To meet the needs of our clients we’ve assembled a large collection of scorers, buckle folders, chop folders, plow folders, gluers, and tabbers that allow us to tackle any project that comes our way. Our services for folding and sealing include:

  • In-line scoring Folding
  • Folding for letters and folded self mailers
  • Folding for complicated pieces (for example, iron cross folded pieces)
  • Chop folding to refold catalogs and flyers
  • Sealing with fugitive glue or wafer tabs
  • Gate Folding

With most projects, folding is only part of the story. Many also require additional services like inline inkjet imaging, two-sided matched inkjet imaging, or tipping. Whatever the challenge, our staff of mail production experts has the experience and equipment to fold, seal, and complete the job to your expectations.

Interested in learning more? Call 800-236-0581 or email to discuss the advantages of partnering with JHL for XXX services.

Digital Printing

Direct mail marketing is changing. Marketers have access to an ever increasing supply of customer data, and variable data printing is a tool that’s being leveraged to capitalize on that data. Personalization and relevance is key, and response is strong when direct mail is delivered to a well targeted audience.

JHL enables marketers to utilize their data in their direct mail campaigns by offering a wide range of digital printing services:

  • Four color variable data digital printing for personalized postcards, folded self mailers, letters, catalog covers, and moreXXX
  • Monochrome laser printing for personalized letters, statements, and renewal mailings on preprinted letterhead and forms
  • Full color digital envelope printing that’s ideal for smaller mailings and envelope personalization
  • Printing on unique substrates for personalized labels and stickers
  • Dimensional printing that adds a tactile aspect to print
  • Invisible printing for traffic building marketing efforts or security purposes

Of course, variable data printing starts with good data. JHL’s team of data professionals is ready to help with services that are needed for effective variable data direct mail marketing. We provide data hygiene to repair bad data, postal presort services to achieve the lowest postage rates, and variable data print setup to ensure the right message is sent to each person on your mailing list.

After your personalized mail piece is printed our staff of direct mail production professionals is ready to finish it for mailing. Whether your mail piece is a basic postcard, a folded self mailer, or an envelope package, we’ll prepare it to USPS specifications.

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One of the basic, tried and true direct mail piece formats is the #10 envelope package. It’s the control piece for many direct marketers because year after year it provides the best ROI for their marketing dollars. Others prefer a 6” x 9” envelope for their marketing efforts. And sometimes only a 9” x 12” envelope will do.

The envelopes used for direct mail come in many shapes and forms, and as a direct mail job shop JHL is equipped with a wide range of envelope inserting equipment for any job. Our fleet of inserters can handle:

  • Inserting for A2 invitation envelopes to 10” x 13” envelopes Inserting
  • Inserting for clear poly envelopes and synthetic paper envelopes
  • Inserting odd shaped pieces
  • Inserting refrigerator magnets, stickers, DVDs, and other unique pieces
  • Match inserting
  • Read & write inserting
  • High volume inserting – up to 120,000 pieces a day

Our envelope inserting services go hand in hand with our other services such as data prep, folding, tipping, and digital printing for personalized letters, and other personalized marketing material.

Whether it’s a letter and booklet going into a 6” x 9” window envelope, several personalized pieces going into a non-window #10 envelope, or a catalog and letter being inserted into a 9” x 12” envelope, JHL can get the job done.

Interested in learning more? Call 800-236-0581 or email to discuss the advantages of partnering with JHL for XXX services.


You’ve probably received magazines and catalogs in the mail that are wrapped in a clear poly film, known in the industry as a polybag. Polybagging is an efficient and effective form of packaging for direct mail and offers several advantages. The primary advantage is price, as the cost for materials and assembly using polybagging is usually less expensive than using envelopes. Additional advantages include the flexibility to accommodate many components with a greater combined thickness than envelopes, and the ability to have the artwork show through the clear poly film.

JHL has been a leading provider of polybagging services for more than a decade. In that time we’ve produced more than 100 million polybagged pieces for printers, publishers, and direct marketers who recognize the advantages of polybagging. We offer:

  • Two high-speed polybag processing lines both capable of preprinted films Polybag
  • Up to 10 insert pieces with a maximum combined thickness of 1.3 inches
  • Ability to insert unique pieces such as CDs and magnets
  • Addressing with in-line inkjetting or pressure sensitive labels
  • In-line tipping and gluing, under page inserting
  • USPS approved poly
  • Size flexibility, from small booklets to oversized publications
  • Capacity to handle jobs of all sizes - from a few thousand pieces to millions and more

Most of the polybag projects we do are mailed, but not all. Polybagging is also an efficient way to collate and package printed material like instruction manuals and diagrams for kitting projects.

Also, poly film doesn’t have to be clear. Colored film is an option if the contents need to be concealed from view. We can use preprinted film with registration as well.

Interested in learning more? Call 800-236-0581 or email to discuss the advantages of partnering with JHL for polybagging services.

Data Services

Data has never been easy, but it used to be much simpler. Get the names and addresses right and you were good to go. Marketer’s now have mountains of complex data available to them. When used correctly the results can be very impressive. But a data error can be disastrous. JHL’s team of data professionals can help with:

  • Data Sourcing – Marketing lists that target audiences intelligently for smarter marketing campaigns. Data Services
  • Data Hygiene – We can thoroughly clean, update, append, and validate your to make your marketing more effective.
  • Data Analytics – We can help you build customer profiles, identifying buying tendencies, predicting future behaviors, and more.

Interested in learning more? Call 800-236-0581 or email to discuss the advantages of partnering with JHL for Data Services.