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JHL Mail Marketing began in 1985 as a small lettershop and has grown to become one of the largest direct marketing solution providers in the upper Midwest. In 2012 we changed our name to JHL Digital Direct to better reflect our core business offerings.

JHL is unique, in that we have the data expertise to execute a highly complex variable data printing project, while also having the mail processing capability to handle direct mail campaigns of several million pieces.

Since our inception, data management has played a key role in our success, and it continues to be our core service today. Our team of data professionals is experienced with data entry, database management, data processing, and variable data printing for direct mail and the financial services industry.

To complement our data services we have continually reinvested resources in technology, enhancing our capabilities and improving our efficiencies to meet the changing needs of our clients. As a result, we are equipped with state of the art digital printing, inkjetting, inserting and polywrapping equipment that enable us to handle all types of mail projects.

With decades of experience partnering with direct marketers, agencies, printers, print distributors and publishers in carrying out a full range of direct marketing services, you can trust that we have very likely worked on projects similar to yours and will apply our knowledge to your specific needs.

Mailing & Data Professionals

Our comprehensive abilities and range of services are two of the big advantages of partnering with JHL Mail Marketing, Inc. We augment these capabilities using our depth of experience and knowledge of the postal system and the software used to service mailings of various sizes and quantities. We constantly keep up to date with these methods and maintain an open dialog with all mail service providers. Our team focuses on mail each and every day, keeping up to date in the constantly changing postal world.

Mailing is not an "add on service" at JHL Mail Marketing, Inc. We do mail every day. From the simplest local postcard effort to the multi-entry drop shipped national mailing, you receive the full attention of mailing professionals each step of the way. If you need "one stop" service our team is experienced in providing print brokerage with our many local print partners.

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JHL Digital Direct is a proud member of the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association. This membership is a resource of postal knowledge and industry information that directly benefits our clients with reduced postage and processing costs.

We adhere to the MFSA Trade Customs in all our work.


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