Data Hygiene


Better data - Better execution - Better results

When your marketing lists need to perform at the highest possible level to achieve maximum return on investment on your digital, email, or direct mail campaigns, you can trust JHL to provide the data hygiene services that will help you get the most from your customer data. We thoroughly clean, update, append, and validate your data for errors, omissions, and suppressions. Our services include:

Data repair and standardization

  • • Gender record correction by first names
  • • Record casing beyond first letter (McCarthy, not Mccarthy)
  • • Business and individual records separation
  • • Duplicate data removal from combined files (i.e. husband/wife)
  • • File-type conversion, including unicode, ebcidic, ascii
  • • Poorly fielded data repair (i.e. name/address separation)

Data append

  • • Append email, phone, mailing address, and other data to existing data

Data suppression

  • • Deceased
  • • Do not call
  • • Do not mail
  • • Underage

Address validation

  • • Mail and email list accuracy verification for high deliverability

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